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Brushless DC motor news

What are the advantages of brushless DC motors

The DC brushless motor is powered by the DC brushless motor. The circular motion of the motor causes the diaphragm in the pump to reciprocate through the mechanical device, so that the air with a fixed volume in the pump cavity is compressed and stretched to form a vacuum (negative pressure). A differential pressure is created between the pump suction and the outside atmospheric pressure. Under the action of the pressure difference, the brushless DC motor presses (sucks) the gas into the pump cavity, and then discharges it from the exhaust port.

What is the use of brushless DC motor

Brushless DC motors are typically 85-90% efficient, while brushed motors are typically only 75-80% efficient. Brushes eventually wear out, sometimes creating dangerous sparks that limit the useful life of brushed motors.

Wholesale brushless DC motor factory talks about what is a DC brushless motor

Brushless DC motors are common in industrial applications around the world. At a basic level, there are brushed and brushless motors, as well as DC and AC motors. As Wholesale BLDC Motor Factory says, BLDC motors do not contain brushes and use DC current. These motors offer a number of specific advantages over other types of motors, but, beyond the basics, what exactly are brushless DC motors?

Wholesale brushless DC motor factory talks about brushless DC motor control solutions

Wholesale Brushless DC motor manufacturers feel that BLDC motors are fast becoming the natural choice for applications requiring high reliability, high efficiency, and high power-to-volume ratio. These motors provide a large amount of torque over a wide speed range and have similar torque and speed performance curve characteristics to brushed motors.

Wholesale brushless DC motor factory shares the working principle of brushless DC motor

Wholesale brushless DC motor factory thinks that brushless DC motor is composed of motor body and driver, and it is a typical mechatronics product. Because the brushless DC motor operates in a self-controlled manner, it will not add a starting winding to the rotor like a synchronous motor with heavy-load starting under variable frequency speed regulation, nor will it cause oscillation and loss of step when the load changes suddenly.

The working principle of Brushless DC motor

Brushless DC motor uses semiconductor switching devices to realize electronic commutation, that is, replacing traditional contact commutators and brushes with electronic switching devices.

Overview of Brushless DC Gear Motor

Brushless DC gear motors can also be called "DC brushless motors, brushless motors, high-power brushless motors". Its characteristics are as follows:

The difference between AC series motor and DC motor and the corresponding advantages?

The most basic difference between AC series motor and DC motor: The power supply is different: AC series motors use single-phase or three-phase AC power, while DC motors use DC power, such as batteries. The speed is different: the speed of the AC series motor is controlled by changing the current in the motor, while the speed of the DC motor is controlled by changing the frequency, usually a frequency converter. Therefore, AC general-purpose motors rotate faster than DC motors.

Detailed explanation of the application of brushless DC motor in electric tools

The structure of conventional brushed DC motor includes rotor (shaft, iron core, winding, commutator, bearing), stator (chassis, magnet, end cover, etc.), carbon brush assembly, carbon brush arm and other parts.
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